Flower Power

Flowers are so much a part of the earths natural beauty....we as gardeners are the "monets" of our own invourment ...we have the creative power to paint our own personal space by using our knowledge of gardening......so join me and let's share some ideas and get started on our journey into the wonderful world of everything from gardening to throwing some great southern parties..........Southern Soup is for anyone ........throw in some travel, great food, wildlife, and some Southen Style and the sky is the limit.....Welcome

Friday, August 17, 2012



Late summer heat ignites reason to plant heat tolerant plants in the early spring. Doing so, can pack your summer garden with late color blooms that can offer up food for the soul. In late summer, when sitting in my own garden, I often think back to the past. Some of the plants that bare late summer blooms take me back to another time. The late August heat sometimes reminds me of sitting on my late grandmother's porch swing back in the late 50's. I loved being outside, no matter the heat. I remember that porch so well. It had wide, white steps, as high as I was tall that were built off the ground and her sweet cocker spaniel, "Peaches" would hang out under there to escape the heat of the day. The old wooden porch would squeak as soon as my tiny foot would step on and waiting for me beyond, was a curved wooden swing,  hung with two heavy grey chains, suspended with the largest hooks I have ever seen. In the late summer I remember sitting in that old swing. I would swing as high as my little feet could push, just to catch a small breeze.
 Looking out into her front yard were two tall crepe myrtles, covered in large white blooms, that would rain down like tiny snowflakes at the slightest breeze. There was a large sycamore tree in the distance. The long, green covered limbs shading the earth, made it a wonderful place to sit in the shade and daydream, while making necklaces of  green clover with my cousins when they would visit. Sometimes, my dad would cut fresh stalks of sugar cane and cut them up in tiny slices for us to chew until all the sweet juice was gone. Spitting out the left over cane was always so much fun and made us all laugh at each other. I learned to shell butter beans and peas sitting on that old wooden swing, while drinking coke out of those cute little glass bottles. But, nothing was as nice as the aroma of my grandmother's "old time roses." She always planted so many here and there and the sweet fragrance floating in on a slight summer breeze, surrounding me with the precious smell of late summer, was a true August delight.
If I could size up my late summer, it would include all the memories I packed into my own little piece of heaven. I can still hear my children's laughter while playing as I toiled in my beautiful garden to bring forth the late summer blooms that I enjoy every single day. Memories that taught me at summer's end, it is so nice to have some of the late summer blooms that I remember so long ago. Sitting on my precious grandmother's porch, sipping my cute, small, glass bottle of coke, looking out at those majestic crepe myrtles and remembering the sweet, sweet fragrance of those "old time roses" was indeed a special time for me. Thank you, grandmother, for showing me that it really is the simple things in life that make us the happiest.  Even in the heat of August, when I remember you, I always remember the comfort of your wonderful front porch and the laughter of our family and the way things USED to be. The swing that I loved so much as a child still swings ever so slow in the memories that you gave to me.
 Staging a memorable late summer show is easy with a little pre-planning skills and a few memories of a garden's past. "SIZING UP SUMMER"....
Easy..............Wait till early evening ..........Be sure to turn on the outdoor fan..........Kick back in your favorite chair............Enjoy some of your late summer garden blooms ........Add a few sweet memories of late summer's past.........and don't forget to have a wonderful ice cold COKE!

Late summer doesn't have to look hot even though it is the sight of shade pulls you in and makes sitting outside seem like the thing to do even though it is so hot in the late summer heat. Oh, and don't forget to grab that ice cold coke....lol

Thinking of you grandmother, thank you for the wonderful memories of late summer!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012



I love you......Roxy
Over the past year, I've heard a few animal stories that made me realize the amazing ability of dogs to love.....I have always had dogs in my life and each one of them has taught me a lot about unconditional love .....Just recently, I watched a story on TV about a lady that loved her dog so much, that she was willing to pay a facility in South Korea 50,000.00 dollars to have her beloved pet that died cloned........I don't know that I would ever do that and of course I don't have that kind of money, but I can understand her desire to re-experience the adored love of a pet that she obviously considered "Priceless"..........All of us, I would think, desire unconditional love, and what better way to have that experience than to have a "pet" in your life......I have two darling, tiny, loving, little yorkies.......Mia is eight years old and weighs 5 pounds and Roxy, who is three years old, weighs 4 pounds......both of them together don't weigh as much as one regular size dog, but they dish out more unconditional love than I could possibly need in two lifetimes.....lol.......Both of them have bigger than life personalities and their fun outlook on life usually colors my own.......Happiness to them is to cuddle as close as possible and playing with their basket full of toys is the highlight of their day ......They play with each other well, but nothing is as special to them as having my full attention, and when I play toys with them it leads to much unspeakable joy.......

I know I will be safe with you.........

When you get a pet, a journey begins, one that can bring more love into your life than anything else.....If you allow it, the journey can teach you many things about how vulnerable life can be.....a puppy depends on you for everything.....it is at your mercy at all times........caring for something so helpless can teach us a lot about ourselves......but it also shows us that we can be loved unconditionally......The little eyes that look back at you wants so badly to make you happy, they live for your approval, only wanting to know that in some way they are worthy of your love....a pet trust you, without question.....To your pet, it doesn't matter where you are, what you do, or how life treats you, it doesn't matter if your rich or poor, as long as they can remain by your side, and you can be together.......respect this .......I'm sure it would be hard to find this devotion from anyone except maybe your mother......



Treat me with respect and kindness, my beloved friend, for no heart in this whole world is more grateful for your kindness than the loving heart of me....Don't hit me, teach me with patience, love and understanding, there is nothing that I want more than to please you and make you happy.....Please keep me warm and clean, I'm happiest, when I know that you love me and take the time to care for my needs...Keep me fed and watered for I can not tell you when I am hungry or thirsty...I ask nothing more than to be by your side and to show you how much I love you....Speak to me often, for your voice is my music, as you must know by the fierceness that I wag my tail....I trust you with my life, and I love you unconditionally...Your love is all I need to make me happy until the end of my day's.........
Just knowing that you love me is happiness.........Mia & Roxy

I will always be there for you............Roxy

"Dog spelled backwards, spells God"
Maybe this is a sign of why I can love you, no matter what, that my love is unconditional and even during the worst of times, you need not look far, for I will always be right there, by your side, a journey together until the end of my time.....

Happiness can be as simple as playing ball.......Mia
Mia & Roxy 

Southern Rains

Southern Rains
amazing color on a cloud filled day

Rain Drops are falling on my head

Rain Drops are falling on my head
A beautiful rose soaking up some raindrops

red pentas

red pentas
little red stars huddled together

black-eyed susans

black-eyed susans
a ray of sun on a cloudy day

angel wing begonias

angel wing begonias
thank heaven for a good summer rain