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Flowers are so much a part of the earths natural beauty....we as gardeners are the "monets" of our own invourment ...we have the creative power to paint our own personal space by using our knowledge of gardening......so join me and let's share some ideas and get started on our journey into the wonderful world of everything from gardening to throwing some great southern parties..........Southern Soup is for anyone ........throw in some travel, great food, wildlife, and some Southen Style and the sky is the limit.....Welcome

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

               "FALL FUN"

There is nothing like the feel of that first crisp fall day. Summer is over and it's time to move on to the next exciting chapter of the year. I love it when the trees turn all those reds, yellows and oranges, and the leaves drift slowly down, leaving the ground as beautiful as any sun set. Here, in the south, it's fair time. When I was growing up, fair time was only second to Christmas day for me….The thought of getting to ride all of those wild rides and being tossed round and round, sideways and up and down…just seemed to be the ultimate way to say ….bring it on.  I'm not afraid of anything! "And the food" I always wanted everything….."eyes bigger than stomach" syndrome would always be the case.  I mean, how can you choose from hot cinnamon rolls, cotton candy, those oh so yummy, bright,  red, candid apples and then there is the steaming hot corn dogs , hot dogs and yummy barbeque.….... toss all that  food around with those relentless "round & round" rides and it's the perfect formula for a stomach ache and a great nights sleep!
……But Fall is full of many "Happys." Getting the house ready for Halloween can be a true test of our imagination….I really enjoy the way everyone has kind of stepped out of the box as far as decorating goes….Now days,  Halloween decor is quickly becoming as elaborate as decorating for Christmas.
This pumpkin head lady sits on my kitchen counter….
with that fuzzy spider, add a candle and how cute is that...
Dressing up a mantel is always fun ….I love the little
white ghost on the witches hat…...
I love this picture of the pumpkins lighting up the house address. How creative is that?
What a great idea if you are having a halloween party at your house. Stacking the pumpkins will help your guest find the right house.  I have a best friend that has a birthday in October…..I've always had a ball decorating the birthday party like halloween and having all the birthday guest wear "Bat Hats" lol,  after all ….most of my friends are over 40…. so it always makes for a great laugh………!
 Fall Fun? ….You bet…..the falling leaves, the crisp cool air,  the state fair lighting up the sky, the smell of all that food and  hearing children and adults alike screaming with excitement as they are tossed high in the air….  Add a test of our own decorating skills to bring halloween alive to the delight of every child ringing our doorbells and saying "Trick or Treat"……yes... Fall might not be summer, but Fall is definitely…. "Fun."            SO GET OUTSIDE,  GET BUSY AND  HAVE A GREAT FALL……NEXT UP….WINTER!!!!!  BURRRR…..

The sky is the limit when having a halloween birthday party.
I like to use a lot of owls ….

Nothing says "Fall" like lots of pretty pumpkins………...

I thought this black scare crow was kinda festive….

Using lots of different colors makes a party table so
much more fun to eat at…..the napkins are perfect.

A halloween birthday party without lights and candles..

My 'SPOOKY' back  porch added to the birthday party fun!

Southern Rains

Southern Rains
amazing color on a cloud filled day

Rain Drops are falling on my head

Rain Drops are falling on my head
A beautiful rose soaking up some raindrops

red pentas

red pentas
little red stars huddled together

black-eyed susans

black-eyed susans
a ray of sun on a cloudy day

angel wing begonias

angel wing begonias
thank heaven for a good summer rain